4 Coast Waffles and Floats

4 Coast is open every Saturday 9:30PM-1:30AM serving up the best waffles, ice cream floats, and homemade fried chicken north of Eddy Street

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About Us

It all started when four sentinels--Mark, Brady, Robby, and Patrick--from four coasts of the U.S. joined forces in March 2017. Their mission was simple: to undergo a delicious operation for the good of their brother sentinels. After some number crunching and collective dreams of quality waffles and ice cream floats, the business set "sale." The current owners are:

  • Mark Fedoronko, an energetic foodie, who is a sophomore from New York studying accounting and international economics
  • Patrick Quinn, a hard-working, confident athlete from the wild and beautiful state of Oregon, and is a sophomore studying neuroscience and behavior
  • Brady Stiller (aka "the Lady Killer"), a man excited to bring great food to the Dunne community and is from Louisiana