Dunne Hall opened in the fall of 2016 on the northeast quadrant of campus, along with McCourtney Hall and Flaherty Hall. Approximately 71,000 square feet in size, it houses 221 men in its inaugural community of residents. Student rooms include singles, doubles, quads and two six-person rooms, divided into six sections. Half of each floor is devoted to a communal lounge. The first floor also includes a reading room, study areas and the chapel, dedicated to Blessed Basil Moreau. Dunne also boasts pass-through floor lounges on the second, third and fourth floors, designed to encourage gathering in community. Resident assistants are positioned at the entrance of each hallway, looking out upon the whole of the section.

Tai Verbrugge, Nick Wilt and Jim English were elected as the Hall’s first leadership team shortly after its opening. Matt Donohue was elected as Senator, while Will Trapp was elected as SUB Rep. The Sentinel was chosen as the official mascot of Dunne Hall shortly thereafter. The Sentinels convene for Hall Government each Wednesday night, and for Mass each Sunday at 4 PM.

Dunne’s first year of events got off to a good start, with two SYRs: “Famous Couples” and “Aspen in the 80s”. The latter was followed by a dorm-wide ski trip to Swiss Valley in Michigan. The Sentinels celebrated their annual signature event, The Dunne Funne Runne, for the first time in 2017. The charity race is a 3k, three-person relay where costumes/themes are encouraged and a carnival atmosphere pervades all, including a pie-eating contest, hot dogs, ring toss, inflatables and more.