Special Events

Feast: An event put on by our founder Jimmy Dunne and his fellow roommates. Starts with mass, then a mixer and is lastly followed by a multi-course catered meal. It is a suit and tie affair with one’s section and has words of inspiration from the founders of Dunne on a successful college career.

Aspen in the 80s: Following the week of the feast, Dunne first takes its community to the dance floor then to slopes. Following a dance the night before, the community goes up to Swiss Valley Michigan where they ski until dark.

Dunne Funne Runne: An event that has not even happened yet! This Funne Runne also called the Andre 3000 is a 3k, 3 person relay (not much running) that is also focused on the celebration before and after. All proceeds benefit Education Bridge, a company founded by a Dunne Hall resident that goes to providing education in South Sudan.

Third Floor Core: A Dunne Tradition that works every part of a person’s character. It starts with an ab workout to train the physical side. Then the participants attend 10pm mass for their spiritual core. Lastly, they eat a whole apple core for a symbolic mastering of the person (not really, this is just to show dominance over fruit). Happens on semi-regular basis!

Pizza with Fr. Kevin: After every Tuesday night mass, residents go up to the fourth floor to have pizza in Fr. Kevin’s apartment where they talk about a whole host of issues (mainly those that have absolutely nothing to do with religion yet Fr. Kevin brings it back around to that).

The Dunnedies: A play on the Dunder Mifflin award show, this event takes place at Legend’s Night Club where all the men of Dunne receive awards (some serious, some not) that highlight their achievements throughout the year. Food and good roasts are provided.