Welcome New Sentinels!

We are excited to welcome the class of 2026 to Dunne Hall! Please contact us through the form at the end of this page or email any Dunne leaders or welcome week members if you have questions or concerns.

College Life


Freshman move in date is the 18 of August, and we are excited to welcome you all into our community. Many answers to questions about Notre Dame, Dunne, and preparing for college life can be found in this booklet. Please invite you parents/guardians to join the Moms of Dunne Facebook page.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week can be an intimidating time for many first years as you face one of the biggest life changes yet. In Dunne we will strive to make this transition as smooth as possible and to help you quickly make your first new friends, find you way around campus, and discover what it means to be a Notre Dame student and a Dunne Hall Sentinel. Please enjoy this video from your Welcome Week committee!

Rooms and Dorm Layout

Dorm Layout

Dunne Hall opened in the fall of 2016 on the northeast quadrant of campus, along with McCourtney Hall and Flaherty Hall. Approximately 71,000 square feet in size, it houses 221 men in its inaugural community of residents. Student rooms include singles, doubles, quads and six-person rooms, divided into six sections: 1N, 2W, 2S, 3S, 3N, and 4th floor. The first floor also includes a reading room, study areas and the chapel, dedicated to Blessed Basil Moreau, CSC. Dunne also boasts pass-through floor lounges on the second, third and fourth floors, designed to encourage gathering in community. Resident assistants are positioned at the entrance of each hallway, looking out upon the whole of the section.

Freshmen in Dunne are typically placed in doubles with their random roommates.

Freshman Rooms

Ask Us Anything


  • Is there help moving in or should we bring dollies?
  •   There will be help moving in and large moving bins will be available.
  • Can I ship items to the dorm before move in?
  •   The University typically does not allow this. In special circumstances, please reach out to Fr. Eric directly.
  • Do beds have to be lofted?
  •   The beds do not need to be lofted, but most people choose to in order to save space.
  • Can I get pictures of my specific room?
  •   Ask in the groupme and we might be able to figure out who lived in your room in the past.
  • How to get student football tickets?
  •   You'll get an email at some point about it. It's usually about $40/home game, so about $200 to $240 total. Don't worry, you won't miss it, and every student can get them if they want them.
  • What is family weekend football game?
  •   Dunne has a family weekend. There will be events hosted by Dunne running from Saturday morning (around 11am) until Sunday afternoon around 1pm. Families are welcome to attend as much or as little as they please!
  • What kind of furniture/amenities are provided in each room?
  •   Each student receives a bed frame, mattress, and bed rail, a dresser with two large drawers, a small drawer, and a rod to hang hangers on; and a desk with a few drawers, a corkboard, and an attached white LED light strip above the desk. There is also a sink in every room with a mirror with a medicine cabinet behind it. Most rooms have cabinets beneath the sink, although a few do not as they are handicap accessible (rooms 335, 235, possibly others). Don't fret if this is the case for you, because those rooms have much more space for other storage.
  • Can you have two fridges in one room?
  •   Yes, just don't put them on a power strip.
  • Can you loft beds on the fourth floor?
  •  Yes.
  • Are bathrooms communal or suite style?
  •  Bathrooms are communal. There is one per section.