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Dorm Life, Events, & Culture

The Feast

An iconic event put on by our founder Jimmy Dunne and his Notre Dame roommates. Thanks to his generosity, we experience Basilica Mass, a mixer, and an incredible multi-course catered meal. It is a suit and tie affair seated by section, and the Dunne men listen to words of inspiration from the founders of Dunne and a guest speaker (Marcus Freeman this last year) on having a successful college career.

In our first year of existence as a dorm, Jimmy Dunne decided to throw a feast for the newly minted men of Dunne. Since then, it has become a yearly occasion that we now mark with a whole week of fun events, starting with the Feast before leading up to the Aspen in the 80’s Dance and Ski Event.

Aspen in The 80s

Following Feast Week, Dunne takes its community to the slopes. We go up to Swiss Valley Michigan where we ski until dark.

Dunne Funne Runne

THE signature Dunne Hall event! The Funne Runne is a 3 person relay (not much running) that is focused on the celebration before and after, with a carnival style atmosphere. All proceeds benefit a charity that focuses on education needs for under resourced people.

Interhall Sports

A Hall of Winners

In it's short existence, Dunne Hall has dominated the interhall sports arena. In 2022 alone, Dunne Hall took the Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, and Boxing Championships Titles. Interhall sports are the most competitive arena open to the general public (below club sports and University sports), and championship games are played in each sports' respective stadium.

Football Champions!

The green of Dunne and St. Edwards combined for an undefeated season and a decisive championship vicotry.

Soccer Champions!

After besting top seeded O'Neil Hall in the second round of the playoffs, the Dunne squad boasted a come-from-behind win in the championship, tying the game in the final minute to beat Sigfried Hall in a shootout.

Baseball Champions!

The Baseball team knocked out #1 seed Bomber hall in the quarter finals and carried that momentum to a trophy.

Basketball Champions!

We never doubted the basketball team for a moment as they orchastrated a 42-34 win over Duncan Hall, despite being down by 9 at half.

Boxing Champion!

Aidan Becklund, class of 2022, returned to the ring to claim his second Bengal Bouts championship in two years. Nine Sentinels competed this year and 3 made it to the semi-finals in their respective divisions.

Dunne Hall Retreat

The largest and longest retreat on campus attended each year by a majority of the students in Dunne and funded by Pizza Dunne Right and our young Dunne Alumni. This is an opportunity for spiritual and personal growth as well as a great opportunity to get to know new faces in Dunne.

Pizza with Fr. Kevin

After every Tuesday night mass, we go up to the fourth floor to have pizza with Fr. Kevin where we talk about a whole host of issues and college troubles both lighthearted and serious.

Pizza Dunne Right (PDR)

Enough said. But seriously, consider buying pizza since it is almost impossible to find food on campus at night and all proceeds go to fund our retreat.

Section Sports

A fun opportunity for all to compete for section points and dorm pride led by the juniors and seniors in each section. Sports usually include at least football and basketball.

Hall Gov

Come find out what is going on in Dunne and around campus while earning some points towards Hall of the Year.

The Dunnedies

A play on the Dunder Mifflin awards from the TV show The Office where the men of Dunne give and receive awards (some serious, some not) that highlight their achievements throughout the year. Food and good roasts are provided.